Program Leader

Alison Holmes

Dr. Alison Holmes

Professor and Program Leader


Robert Cliver

Dr. Robert Cliver

Professor - History Department

On Leave for Fall 2021

Matthew Dean

Dr. Matthew Dean

Chair - World Languages & Cultures Department

 Matthew Derrick

Dr. Matthew Derrick

Professor Dept. of Geography Environment & Spatial Analysis

Joseph Diémé

Dr. Joseph Diémé

Program Director - French and Francophone Studies and Professor - World Languages & Cultures Department

Michael Eldridge

Dr. Michael Eldridge

Professor - English Department

Benjamin Marschke

Dr. Benjamin Marschke

Professor - History Department

Suzanne Pasztor

Dr. Suzanne Pasztor

Professor - History Department

Mary Scoggin

Dr. Mary Scoggin

Chair - Anthropology Department and Project Manager - China Studies Program

Tani Sebro

Dr. Tani Sebro

Assistant Professor - Politics Department

Beth Wilson

Dr. Beth Wilson

Chair - Economics Department

Noah Zerbe

Dr. Noah Zerbe

Professor - Politics Department


Maria Medina

Administrative Support Coordinator II

Peggy  Stewart

Peggy Stewart

Administrative Support Coordinator

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