Cal Poly Humboldt has a strong sense of community, and the many donors who help support our efforts are an important part of that community.

Study abroad is one of the most transformational experiences any student can pursue and one of the best ways we can help future generations become truly global citizens.

We recommend two key areas where yous can make the greatest impact:

  • International Studies Program: This gift will go directly to the program to support student peer mentors, alumni events and career exploration opportunities. 
  • Global Ambassadors Fund Scholarship: There are 21 million students engaged in higher education, but only 1% study abroad each year. International Studies at Humboldt uniquely builds this adventure into the major and created the Global Ambassadors Fund Scholarship scholarship to support students in their effort to engage with this transformational experience. Help students stand out from the crowd. 

 Your gift will help students make their dream a reality. 

Thank you!

To learn more about giving call (707) 826-5200.