Alumni: What They Say About the Major

Karlee Jewell, International Studies, Class of 2015

Karlee Jewell

"While studying in the International Studies program at Cal Poly Humboldt I was able to gain invaluable intercommunication skills, strengthen my work ethic, and began to understand how I can develop my passions for communities, and the environment, into a lifelong career. Since graduating, I’ve dove head first into the Natural Resource and Conservation field. I have tried my hand at firefighting, invasive removals, trail building, salmon habitat restoration, and more. I am now a Team Leader for Region I of the Watershed Stewards Program. Our mission here at The Watershed Stewards Program is to conserve, restore, and enhance anadromous watersheds for future generations by linking education with high-quality scientific practices. Using my education gained from the INTL program and my hands-on experience in the field, I hope to create opportunities for all community members to experience the outdoors, whether it’s exploring our watersheds, better understanding salmonids, or just getting their hands dirty. I hope that through these experiences community members can begin to better understand, connect, and foster relationships with the natural world we live in. I believe that through the opportunity to study abroad in Spain during my time at Humboldt I was able to build my self-confidence, self-reliance, and attain a better understanding of our global community. That experience, paired with the awesome INTL faculty at Humboldt, has helped me create a foundation for whatever career opportunities I seek out next. In the attached photo I am doing Spawner Surveys up in Orleans, CA. This requires walking the streams looking for areas where Salmon have spawned!"

Erika Bruno, Globalization Studies, Class of 2013

Erika Bruno

"I am now in Spain! I arrived at the end of September 2013 and have been working at a bilingual elementary school since October. The town is called Valverde del Camino (pop. about 13,000). My Spanish has been improving and in short, everything is going quite well. For me, the International Studies program at Humboldt was about education and transformation. I am grateful for both!"

Owen Krebbs, Globalization Studies, Class of 2013

Owen Krebbs

"I began Humboldt as a Student-Athlete on a partial football scholarship in 2009. After a year I decided to focus solely on my academics, declaring a major in International Studies with a focus in Globalization. Along the way I travelled to Ecuador through an Humboldt program and picked up both a minor in Spanish and Economics. Now, four and a half years later, I have just graduated Cum Laude with a 3.56 overall GPA, fluent in Spanish and on my way to Mozambique in South East Africa for two and a half years via the Peace Corps. I can not fully state how much the University and its International Studies Program has done for me while I was attending. Without the classes, the teachers & the language requirement none of the opportunities presented to me would have been made possible."

Zane St. Martin, Class of 2013

Zane St. Martin

"As a student who was simply curious and fascinated by how the globe works, I truly believe that no other Humboldt program can prepare an individual as successfully as International Studies. After completing the Program, I am excited to take on the world. "

Bridget McGraw, Globalization Studies, Class of 2012

Bridget McGraw

"My time as an International Studies student gave me the knowledge and skills, as well as the self-confidence and global perspective so utterly vital to success in our increasingly interconnected world."

Kaitlyn Murray, Chinese Studies, Class of 2012

Kaitlyn Murray

"As a part of my International Studies degree with a Chinese Concentration, I had the privilege of studying abroad. The experience opened my eyes to a world that was beyond my imagination. I gained knowledge, practical skills and experience that will benefit me for the rest of my life on any path I choose. 

Vu Nguyen, Globalization Studies, Class of 2012

Vu Nguyen

"My career as an undergraduate started as a Creative Writing and Psychology double major at the University of California Riverside. I went to college not really having a specific goal in mind - certainly no idea I would be walking across the stage of the Redwood Bowl to collect my degree - and left UCR after two quarters to travel for a year. In that year, I learned many important things about myself and when the opportunity to attend Humboldt arrived, I found myself gravitating towards the International Studies Program. It offered me all the things I wanted to study: economics, politics, and sociology and courses that sought to examine international issues through multiple perspectives as well as the chance to study a foreign language. Also time abroad, which was a unique and immersive experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. As my time came to an end, it was bittersweet to see the faces of the professors who had given me words of encouragement and helped me make it through my undergraduate career. "

Yaru Gong, Globalization Studies, Class of 2012

Image of Yaru Gong

"As an international student from China who is very much interested in the current world affairs, I found the International Studies Program at Humboldt fantastic. My learning experience at Humboldt not only has broadened my vision and understandings of global issues but also prepared me in every possible sense for further academic research and exploration."


Hannah Graff, Globalization Studies, Class of 2010

Hannah Graff

“The International Studies Program is what drew me to Humboldt and pursuing this major was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The program fostered my development of critical thinking skills that have served me well in both international and domestic work. The coursework in politics, economics, anthropology, geography and other disciplines, as well as the study abroad and language requirements, helped me to form a deeper, more holistic understanding of the world and prepared me for the community development and public health work I now do. I am continually impressed by the breadth of knowledge I received in this program and the flexibility that allowed me to pursue my own interests. I would encourage any student with an interest in global issues to check out the International Studies Program; you will not be disappointed.”

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