About the Major


When you undertake a degree program in International Studies at Cal Poly Humboldt, you develop a deeper understanding of the global issues that shape our world.

Our interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree includes four distinct components:

  1. Core Curriculum;
  2. Language Proficiency;
  3. Residency Abroad; and
  4. Regional/Issue Expertise

As part of your degree you will also choose an area of Concentration. As of AY 2013-2014 we have 5 Concentrations consisting of 3 regions and 2 issues.


  • Chinese Studies
  • European Studies
  • Latin American Studies


  • Cultural Studies
  • Development Studies

A degree in International Studies will offer you:

  • the ability to analyze regional and global issues from economic, political, and cultural perspectives;
  • linguistic competency in a second language;
  • cultural competency in diverse international environments
  • the ability to gather information and use interdisciplinary analysis skills to critically evaluate regional and global issues;
  • proficiency in formal written and oral communication;
  • the skills you need to build an international career.

What Do I Study? - Coursework

Working closely with your faculty advisor, you will plan your classroom education and time overseas based on your personal interests. Your Core coursework will give you a framework for understanding the cultural, political and economic forces behind the processes of globalization that affect virtually every aspect of modern life. Your Concentration area coursework will lead you to different departments, disciplines and professors across campus as you gain a regional or issue expertise.

The International Studies Capstone will give you the opportunity to bring these different elements together to build a career and an academic portfolio as well as a final project of your own creation.

Where Do I Go? - Study Abroad

According to our student surveys, living abroad is the most life-changing experience of an International Studies student’s college career. The Program’s requirement to live and study in another country and culture and to gain proficiency in a second language is unusual in the CSU system and even at Humboldt.

Students have access to many programs - from those run entirely by Humboldt faculty to those in remote parts of the world. Study Abroad programs also cater for a range of language ability - from a beginner or intermediate level to those students able to take courses in a foreign language. By planning ahead, students may also use their time abroad to complete required coursework and electives.

Visit the Center for International Programs Website.

What Can I Do with International Studies? - The Future

The International Studies Program provides a flexible and balanced combination between classroom instruction and direct contact with the regions and cultures of interest.

When you leave Cal Poly Humboldt, you’ll be ready to pursue a career in the United States or abroad; from diplomacy and foreign relations through international business, journalism and teaching to international development and humanitarian or nongovernmental organizations.

This program also provides a basic foundation for further graduate work and scholarship in the growing field of International Studies.

The Result?

A relevant and exciting course of study that offers a unique way to be rooted in the community and connected to the world.

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