Global Ambassadors Fund Scholarship

Global Ambassadors Fund Scholarship

The purpose of this award, established by Dr. Alison Holmes, Leader of the International Studies Program, is to support full-time HSU students seeking to study abroad anywhere in the world for at least a semester and to cover costs not readily paid from other sources. For those aiming to study abroad this coming summer or next fall/academic year, details of the application process and deadlines are available via the websites for International Studies or the Center for International Programs. A grant up to $500.00 to support full-time HSU students seeking to study abroad in a 12 unit/ 1 semester (or equivalent) program anywhere in the world to cover costs not readily paid from other sources eg travel/insurance. First preference would be given to students required to study abroad for their major, and have a demonstrable need, but are unable to get funding or work during the semester while abroad, and with at least one semester left at HSU after they return.

Spring 2019 Recipients

Mikayla Kia

In my first year at Humboldt State, I met international exchange students from all over the world through the Global Connections Club on campus. These new friends of mine inspired me to experience new things, learn new languages, and see the world. So, I declared a second major in International Studies to do just that. I am now planning to study abroad in Costa Rica for the Fall of 2019. I chose Costa Rica because the program will allow me to work on my Environmental Science major as well as improve my Spanish speaking skills. Also, it's a beautiful place and I want to experience the "pura vida" lifestyle. 


Andrea Santamaria

I’m going to Oaxaca because I spent my entire middle school years studying there. Oaxacan culture taught me how to have fun and work hard at the same time. Neighborhoods, towns and people are extremely friendly and united. There are parties all the time! Traditions are just something I was too young to explore in details. Now that I go back, I want to take the time to write, take pictures and get as much information as I can to educate others about this amazing culture. I’m looking forward to lots of delicious meals and holidays.

Joelle Jimenez

I am thrilled to say that I will be studying in Oaxaca for the summer of 2019. I have always been fascinated with my roots and aspects pertaining to Hispanic culture. My draw for it has pushed me to work relentlessly on becoming a Language Immersion teacher, where Hispanic culture is taught to the children. Having that said, that is why I chose Oaxaca as my place of study, I want to gain as much knowledge of the culture as possible to then be able to apply it later in life and be able to share anecdotes with my future students.

Fall 2018 Recipient

Sequoia Church-Bergstrom

Sequoia Church-Bergstrom

Spring 2019 I will be studying abroad in Bengaluru, India. Making the decision where to study abroad is a difficult one, there are so many opportunities. When it came down to it I decided that what I really wanted to do, was help. The description for the India program really highlighted the fact that they had several volunteer opportunities on and off campus that are based around the community. This is where I knew I wanted to be, volunteering in southern India while still pursuing my higher education.

Fall 2016 Recipient

Andrea Sarber

Andrea Sarber

“Right now I am in my fall semester of the year-long CSUIP study abroad program in Granada, Spain. Ever since I started college I had always wanted to go abroad. I couldn’t see myself completing my college career without traveling and doing some form of studying abroad. I chose Spanish because in California it has a lot to offer in terms of being able to communicate with a large percentage of the population in addition to my prospects of joining the Peace Corps somewhere in South America after I graduate. I wanted to come to Europe because I wanted to experience a different side of the world as well as the vastly rich culture that Europe as a whole has to offer. One reason I chose Granada, Spain is because I knew that it isn't as big, busy, and tourist oriented as Madrid (the other option for this program). I've learned so much and feel very comfortable here. I had no doubt that I would love it here in Granada but after coming and living here for a few months already it feels like home.”
-Andrea Sarber

Caitlin McCollum-Martinez

Caitlin McCollum-Martinez

“For the Spring 2017 semester, I will be studying in Sevilla, Spain. My paternal family is from Sevilla and I wanted to experience more of the culture I grew up with and explore more of the history of my family. I am interested in Spain more broadly because the country has a much different history than much of Europe and I am interested in studying how this affects Spain’s relationship with the rest of Europe. I will continue my studies in the Czech Republic in Prague for the Fall 2017 semester. I want to explore two different perspectives in Europe through experiencing both Eastern and Western countries. I will return to HSU in Spring 2018 for my final semester.” -Caitlin McCollum-Martinez


Students should have a 2.75 GPA in their major, satisfactory recommendations, and a clear judicial and disciplinary record. Students may need to attend an interview.

Application Process

Students must complete the cover sheet and submit this, together with an essay of no more than 500 words (1 inch margins, 12 point, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing) answering these three questions:

    1. Why they want to go (beyond ‘it’s required for my major’)
    2. What prompted their choice of location
    3. A proposal as to how they will promote study abroad on campus upon their return. Well thought-out and specific plans will be a decisive factor.

Download Application Form Here

Application materials should be sent as a PDF to: