Congratulations, to the recipients of the Global Ambassador Scholarship!

Congratulations to two International Studies students, Andrea Sarber and Caitlin McCollum-Martinez, who have been selected to receive the first-ever Global Ambassadors Fund scholarship at Humboldt State! The purpose of this award, established by Dr. Alison Holmes, Leader of the International Studies Program, is to support full-time HSU students seeking to study abroad anywhere in the world for at least one semester. The recipients of this scholarship receive a grant up to $500.00 to cover costs not readily paid from other sources, such as travel expenses and insurance. The recipients of the Global Ambassador Scholarship are featured below:

“Right now I am in my fall semester of the year-long CSUIP study abroad program in Granada, Spain. Ever since I started college I had always wanted to go abroad. I couldn’t see myself completing my college career without traveling and doing some form of studying abroad. I chose Spanish because in California it has a lot to offer in terms of being able to communicate with a large percentage of the population in addition to my prospects of joining the Peace Corps somewhere in South America after I graduate. I wanted to come to Europe because I wanted to experience a different side of the world as well as the vastly rich culture that Europe as a whole has to offer. One reason I chose Granada, Spain is because I knew that it isn't as big, busy, and tourist oriented as Madrid (the other option for this program). I've learned so much and feel very comfortable here. I had no doubt that I would love it here in Granada but after coming and living here for a few months already it feels like home.” -Andrea Sarber

Andrea Sarber

“For the Spring 2017 semester, I will be studying in Sevilla, Spain. My paternal family is from Sevilla and I wanted to experience more of the culture I grew up with and explore more of the history of my family. I am interested in Spain more broadly because the country has a much different history than much of Europe and I am interested in studying how this affects Spain’s relationship with the rest of Europe. I will continue my studies in the Czech Republic in Prague for the Fall 2017 semester. I want to explore two different perspectives in Europe through experiencing both Eastern and Western countries. I will return to HSU in Spring 2018 for my final semester.” -Caitlin McCollum-Martinez

Caitlin McCollum-Martinez