Commencement 2016

What better way to start a new blog than a celebration of success?! The International Studies Capstone class has been thinking about what they might do when they leave HSU and about what kind of leaders they want to be 'out there'. You have probably seen the HSU graduation pledge: "I pledge to exlore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work". Now enjoy the leadership pledges of our very own seniors.

-I pledge that I will take my best responsibility and make effort on the things I am supposed to do, and keep my principle as much as I can on everything I am not strong enough, and keep telling myself to be confident. :)

-I pledge to be a positive influence to those around me and to be an example of perseverance. No matter which path in life I choose, no matter where it leads me, I pledge to inspire others.

-Here is my pledge, I pledge to spread positivity and to educate people on the wonders of traveling. I pledge to be kind to all those I come across.

-I pledge to take into account the social consequences of any job I consider and to work to improve any immoral reality around me.

-I pledge to critically think about the impacts my decisions make and to hold those decisions on par with my beliefs.

-I pledge to always work toward the collected vision of international peace and security in everything that I do, and to seek solutions by enquiry, mediation, and negotiation. I promise to be as open minded and kind to myself as I am with others, and to never give another person consent to make me feel inferior. I will always embrace life, the good and the bad, with grace, and thus I can navigate through this world in such a way too.

-I pledge to go into the world being aware and conscious of myself and my surroundings. Whatever decisions and the difference I strive to make, I will own it, always.

Go International Studies!